Rill Foods gourmet soups are packaged to appeal to the busy life styles of today, have a rich broth and wholesome flavor with a minimum amount of preparation time, not to mention provide a great aroma! Each of our gourmet soups ‘n chili ingredients is included in a decorative package which is excellent for gift giving at a price affordable to the everyday shopper.

For added interest Rill’s has included with each gourmet soup product an informational insert containing Washington State history, highlighting the area for which each product was named.

RillsSoups n’ Chili n’ Corn Muffins

  • Caribou Creek Country Bean
  • Tekoa Split Pea
  • Thopellini Tortellini
  • Wapato Stuffed Pepper
  • Liberty Gold Bean & Pasta
  • Step Toe Butte Beef Barley & Mushroom
  • Miner’s Minestrone
  • Taneum Canyon Chili
  • Thorp Prairie Corn Muffins
  • Blue Mountains Lentil
  • St. Maries Wild Chicken Soup